and respect for


Our priorities are the well-being of the guest, sustainability, preservation of the environment (use of materials such as cork, bamboo, wood, glass, and dishes 100% organic and handmade byBarru), and social commitment.

Certified ecological products are used for cleaning, maintenance and hygiene. Also the textiles (comforters, sheets, pillows, towels,…) are made of certified organic cotton. The mattresses are made in Portugal, from natural materials.

In consumption, reduction

And reuse.

In composition, purity,

Respect for Nature

And the Portuguese origin.

Inside each apartment, you will also find an eSpring water treatment system from AMWAY Home, which will allow you to enjoy the pleasure of drinking a glass of filtered water just by turning on the cold water tap.

Ecoásis Ericeira has a small green leisure area, common to all three apartments.

It also offers a parking lot, providing plugs for electric cars.